Mission Statement

Queen of Angels School Mission Statement

           Grounded in Catholic Tradition, Queen of Angels Regional Catholic School provides a rigorous and relevant education that prepares students to achieve academic excellence and to answer the call to live the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ.

Belief Statements

We believe that:

  • Catholic Identity encompasses who we are and all that we do.
  • Everyone, as a child of God, should be treated with respect and dignity.
  • Parents, the primary educators of their children, affirm the value of Catholic education through their partnership with the school and the faithfully consistent practice of their faith.
  • An enriched curriculum that includes instruction in religion, technology,  Spanish, art, music, and physical education addresses all aspects of a child’s development.
  • Each child has God given talents that need to be encouraged and developed in a safe, disciplined, nurturing environment. 
  • Children need to gain an understanding of their responsibility to God, their family, their country and the world community.
  • Because of its relevance in our world today, technology provides an essential tool to enhance education and it must be taught and utilized throughout the school day.
  • The religious sisters are an integral part of this IHM School which calls each person to prayer, love and service, courtesy and hospitality.  In this school, Jesus is the center.  Mary is the model.

Profile of a Graduate
     ​        Queen of Angels School graduates know, understand, and live the Catholic Faith in word and action.  Through a rigorous and relevant education, they have acquired all the basic skills needed for college and career readiness.  They are articulate, respectful and interact well with all those they meet.  Living in an ever changing world, they are life-long learners proficient and appropriate in their use of technology.  Graduates realize that mistakes are opportunities to learn more about life and they are willing to learn from them.  They know they are loved and appreciated by God.