Board of Limited Jurisdiction

QOA Board of Limited Jurisdiction ByLaws 10-5-16

Queen of Angels Regional Catholic School established a School Advisory Board in January, 2013. In September, 2016, under the direction of the Office of Catholic Education and in consultation with the pastors, the School Advisory Board became a Board of Limited Jurisdiction.  

The purpose of this board is to promote and advance the mission of the school for the education and instruction of students in assisting them to “reach the fullness of the Christian life.”  Following criteria prescribed by the Office of Catholic Education of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, board membership represents the constituency it serves – including the school,

alumni, parishes and those supportive of Catholic education. The Board strives to have members with various areas of expertise including business, education, finance and law. The Queen of Angels Board of Limited Jurisdiction currently has eighteen members. Members serve a three year term and may serve two consecutive terms.

Current Board Members are:

Name Parish Expertise Term
Sister Margaret Rose Adams, IHM St David-OLHC Principal  
Don Anticolli OLHC Educator 2 year – 2018
Arthur Burke OLHC Finance  1 year – 2017
 William Cleary OLHC Businessman  3 year – 2019
 Father Connors  St. David  Pastor  
 Father Janton OLHC  Pastor  
 Bud DeLaurentis St David Contractor  1 year – 2017
 Julie Gennarro OLHC  Engineer  2 year – 2018
 Henry Jacquelin St David Realtor  3 year – 2019
 Brother Richard Kestler Christian Brother  Educator  1 year – 2017
Caitlin Mahon St David Development  3 year – 2019
 Herb Matthews St David  Finance  1 year – 2017
 Bridget McLaughlin  St Hilary  Educator (Wood)  3 year – 2019
 Deacon John Nucero OLHC Finance  2 year – 2018
Linda Ricci OLHC Health Care 3 year – 2019
Steve Simons OLHC Finance 3 year – 2019
Christopher Tait OLHC Finance – Parent 3 year – 2019
Sister Danielle Truex, IHM St Matthew Educator 3 year – 2019
Joanne Waltrich St David Lawyer – Parent 2 year – 2018

Each board member serves on one or more of the six committees as noted below:

Executive Committee

Julie Gennaro, President, Don Anticoli, Vice President,  Sister Margaret Rose Adams


Sister Danielle Truex,  Sister Margaret Rose,  Bridget McLaughlin


Joanne Waltrich, Linda Ricci, Bill Cleary


Don Anticoli, Bud DeLaurentis, Julie Gennaro, Henry Jacquelin


Art Burke, Herb Matthews, John Nucero, Steve Simons, Chris Tait,

Board Membership

Linda Ricci, Caitlin Mahon, Bill Cleary


What is the difference between the Board of Limited Jurisdiction and the Home and School Board?

Both of these board are integral to the operation of the school. The Board of Limited Jurisdiction deals with the long-term viability of the school. They oversee finances, facilities, development, and marketing/enrollment. The Home and School Board works with the daily activities of the school to enhance programs through fundraising and social activities. They provide parent education and additional school resources that are not in the school budget. The Home and School Board is integral in community building among school families.

How often does the Board of Limited Jurisdiction meet?

The Board meets four times a year. Each committee meets four times a year as well. 

Could you be more specific on what they do?

The Finance Committee set tuition and develop the school budget. Both of these items are brought to the pastors and full board for final approval. The Facilities Committee ensures safe and secure buildings and property. This committee was responsible for outfitting the kitchen for the hot lunch program, finding and repairing the leak in the lobby, and suggesting long- term facilities improvement. The Development Committee meets with Kim O’Doherty to discuss the annual fund and donation options. The Marketing/Enrollment Committee meets with Kim O’Doherty to examine current and future enrollment trends and how best to market the school. The Board Membership Committee identifies future candidates to sit on the board.

May I attend a Board Meeting?

The Board Meetings are closed; however, the board reserves the right to declare open sessions.

How may I find out more about the board?

The by-laws are posted on the school website: Currently the board is working on creating bios for each member that will be posted online by June.

How may I communicate with the board?

Emails may be sent to QOABOLJ